The Island of PodPi has five distinct beaches, each with a particular purpose.

The Capture Beach

The main goal of the Capturing Beach is to provide a set of analog and digital sensors and learn how they work, what data they capture and how to interpret the information received.

Data must be captured and returned to the hut to be analyzed.  Pods that live and play on this beach are all related to sensors.

Measure 2.png

The Hut

The Capture Hut is home of all sensors to capture signals.  The hut itself has various traps and nets to symbolize the capture of data.  The hut has been placed on the water away from the beach just like sensors capturing the information and returning it to their host micro-controller.


Empty Pod.png

The Pods

The Capture Pods are a fun bunch.  They like to capture data about their environment and try to make sense of all the data captured.

No Capture Pods have been publicly released yet.