The Island of PodPi has five distinct beaches, each with a particular purpose.

The Beach

The main goal of the Creating Beach is to stimulate the students' imagination.  Using the Create Pods, students will be able to mix art and technology (STEAM) by applying concepts learned throughout the adventure.  LEDs, motors and sensors are just a few of the tools available to create.

The Hut

The Create Hut is full of interesting and creative items.  From sand castles, to paint, to a dragon topiary, this Hut is the perfect gateway to your child's imagination.  It's OK to get messy around here!



Empty Pod.png

The Pods

The Create Pods are unique and independent.  They can be programmed using the Pi and then used independently to power your child's creations.


Leddy adds a new dimension and life to the kids creations by simply adding colored LEDS.

Leddy can be programmed to generate sequences of LEDs and introduces the kids to basic programming concepts.