Photo submitted by one of our customers.

Photo submitted by one of our customers.

Electronics and Coding for Kids

Our mission is to reveal the magic that powers technology.  With PodPi, your kids will experience a unique program learning from the resistor to the cloud.

PodPi is a series of monthly adventures that will teach your kids electronics and JavaScript coding by building their first simple circuits to WiFi enabled devices and the Internet of Things.  The lessons use our unique comic book format.

Coding Lab in a Treasure Box!

Monthly hands-on electronics and coding lessons for kids ages 9 and above

We believe children want to learn and challenge themselves

We believe there is no limit to their imagination

We believe in giving them a true foundation

While making it fun...

more than coding... It's a series of adventures!

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So much fun to have Wendy this morning.  The kids enjoyed the classes and having her there. Thank you Good Day Sacramento!!

So much fun to have Wendy this morning.  The kids enjoyed the classes and having her there. Thank you Good Day Sacramento!!

Sunday Classes with Good Day Sacramento

What a fun Sunday morning with Good Day Sacramento.  Learning coding, electronics and making wearables.  Find out more about LeddyWear the newest jewelry making kits.

Wendy is finding out about a cool new program that helps students learn to code with the help of comic books.
Wendy is finding out about a cool new program that teaches kids coding while they make their own wearable tech.

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Recently featured in NetworkWorld and Comstock Magazine

"I’m really impressed with PodPi’s concept and products so if you’re a parent looking to enrich your kids’ education or a educator looking for a foundation for your STEM program, look no further. I wish my science education had been this exciting."  by Mark Gibbs - Author and Journalist



A new wearable by PodPi.  Make it, Code it, Wear it

Choose a monthly subscription with lesson books and components or lesson books and patches only.

Single modules available as well.  Check out our store for modules and additional components.

Why PodPi?

Learn why the Island of PodPi is a great way to introduce your kids to technology and stimulate problem solving skills

What's in the box?

Find out more about what you and your kids can expect to receive month after month when you subscribe

Why a comic book?

Yes, PodPi is the first and only comic book series dedicated to teaching electronics, coding and STEM in general.

It's less about mailing a kit, it's changing a mindset

Over the past few years we've observed more and more students come to our workshops looking for step by step instructions.  While a step by step program is generally fun and gets to an end result quickly, the students lack the understanding and the tinkering that comes with learning.  Time and time again we see kids first hesitate in getting started with this very different format, yet within an hour, they are excited and want to stay longer. Most of the time, they go on to the next lessons and experiments.

Our stories trigger curiosity. Our characters engage your children. Our lessons will challenge them.  We created an environment that promotes trial and error, where their imagination replaces the step by step, and where literacy becomes the path to learning.  The balance between hands-on activities and screen-time will keep them close to the real world.

We realize that this method is not for everyone.  Yet, we've seen hundred of kids reach their Aha! moment.  These moments are why we design these stories, the lessons, the lame jokes and the challenges.  They're fun and real.  We hope you will join us on these adventures in learning.  We are excited to have you and will help you along the way as needed. 

Thank you for making us part of your kids' future success!

Have questions? We want to hear from you!

Leonardo daVinci from our special edition on servo motors.

Leonardo daVinci from our special edition on servo motors.

Don't hesitate and simply send us a short note with your questions, comments or feedback and one of us will get back to you shortly.  You contact information will remain private.

From our students

Here is a project from a student learning how to make animations with a 8x8 matrix from Volume 3.

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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
— Benjamin Franklin