Less screen time - more hands-on learning each month!

Choose a monthly subscription and get started today!

Each month, your child will receive all the components and a new volume of the comic book that includes 6 to 10 hours of educational content and projects.  Each subscription below includes the initial starter kit (One time - Arduino board, prototype shield, wires and components necessary to get started).  If you already have a kit, scroll to the bottom and choose a subscription without the starter kit.  Each volume is designed to engage your child in learning topics related to electronics, programming and science in general.

Month to Month

Starter Kit + month to month subscription - No commitment and cancel anytime.


1st month is $65 and includes the complete starter kit. Renews for $35 every month.

3 Months

Starter Kit + 3 months pre-paid subscription (Modules 1-3 and all components)


Initial amount is $123 and includes a discounted starter kit, then renews at $96 every 3 months.

6 Months

Starter Kit + 6 months pre-paid subscription (Modules 1-6 and all components)


Initial amount is $199 and includes a discounted starter kit, then renews for $174 every 6 months.

We also offer siblings plans at a discount.

What's in the Starter Kit?

All your gear to get started...

Your adventures start with the right gear!  The starter kit includes everything needed to learn electronics and includes an Arduino compatible board, an overview of the JavaScript programming and allows for experimenting with basic electronic components.


  • Arduino Compatible Board and Prototype Shield
  • PodPi Module 1 with 9 unique lessons
  • Set of 40 prototype wires
  • 12 LEDs, 2 RGB LEDs, 30 resistors
  • 1 Light sensor, 1 temperature sensor
  • 2 Servo motors
  • Captain Arghuino Badge

A one time purchase only and includes the Arduino board, prototype shield and all basic components.