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Get started learning electronics and JavaScript programming with our Pod Peeps Volta, Leddy, Reggie and Ohmie.  Order your gear today and you will be ready to explore all their fun lessons.  All boards and components will be compatible with all magazine editions and online stories. 

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This kit has everything you need to get started right away.  The PodPi Magazine Special Edition, Arduino compatible board, a prototype shield, 2 sensors, 2 servo motor, resistors, LEDs and more.  (Free Shipping)


Professor Pi's own Mastery kit with everything you need to get started in learning JavaScript, electronics and robotics with our Pod Peeps. This kit includes an original Arduino board, a prototype shield, the PodPi Magazine Special Edition with 8 lessons, 3 servo motors, 2 light sensors, 2 temperature sensors, 1 distance sensor, resistors, 30 LEDs, and much more. (Free Shipping)

Take your first steps in learning robotics in a fun way with Leddy, Reggie, Ohmie and Volta.


Not ready to get the kit yet but want to check out our first edition?  Get the magazine and learn about the Pod Peeps, the Island and the introduction lessons.  With the magazine you will receive a $5 discount of your future kit purchase.

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