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The Island of PodPi has five distinct beaches, each with a particular purpose.

The Learning Beach

The main goal of the Learning Beach on the Island of PodPi is to introduce the students to the basic concepts of electronics, prototyping and common components through a series of stories and lessons.  The Learning Beach contains artifacts that are familiar to kids and uses them to relate to more complex concepts.  The beach represents the first step in learning; it is inviting and encourages discovery.  The main color of the Learning Beach is green.

The Learning Hut

The Learning Hut embodies the skills learned by the students.  Its structure has been built over time by the Pods living on the island.  By leveraging their newly acquired knowledge and their environment the Pods built a safe place to provide shelter and study.

Sheltered between two palm trees, the Learning Hut utilizes its environment.  The shade over the roof provides protection from sun and rain.  The wood panels on the side help shelter from the wind.  There are even ramps to automatically collect the coconuts as they ripen and fall.

Many basic projects and concepts originate from the Learning Beach and Learning Hut.

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The Pods

The Learning Pods are the gateways to learning about new components and electronic concepts.  Let us introduce you to a few of them...


When you need to amplify small amounts of current, Tran is right there to help you out.  She takes these small amounts of current and amplifies them for you.  She also turns some signals on and off like a switch when you need to do it very quickly.


Binny counts anything you need in binary using only "0" and "1". Counting is so easy for him he may look bored, but he counts faster than humans.  Do you know that he can count in the millions per second?


Ping measures anything between him and the closest object and returns the data in a binary number. 



Do you need precise timings or to generate a reliable electronic signal?  Nesss is happy to help you out.  Along with Ohmie and Cappy, Nesss generates all kinds of signals for you.  By the way, Hertz is Nesss's best friend, but she likes to keep it a secret.



Redd has some super powers; she sends and receives messages using invisible light.  We call that light Infrared because the human eye can't see it.  She communicates with other Pods like her using her super powers.


Lumina may have an attitude, but she's always there to check out the ambient light.  She will let you know if it gets too dark wherever you are.