Lesson Plan - Volume Setup

This following plan contains the lessons for the "Setup Volume" of the PodPi curriculum.  Setup is an overview of the technology used for the PodPi program and the various components used for all projects.


What is an arduino board?

Goal: An introduction to the Arduino micro-controller board.  The Arduino board is an open source hardware prototyping platform.  It can receive data from sensors (light, temperature, buttons, etc.) and turn it into an output to an LED, a servo motor or even sending a message online.


setup your environment

Goal:  To setup the computer (PC, Mac or Chromebook) to be ready for the projects and PodPi lessons.  Installing Node.JS, Johnny-Five and Arduino for PC and Mac or installing the Johnny-Five plug-in for Chromebook.

ED1-C-P18-19_r copy.png

First LED blink

Goal:  To become familiar on how to setup a circuit as well as write and execute the code to operate the circuit.