The Island of PodPi has five distinct beaches, each with a particular purpose.

The Measure Beach

The main goal of the Measure Beach is to provide the students with an understanding of electronic signals and the tools necessary to work in electronics.

The Measure Beach is more structured and over time will reveal the various methods and tools used in electronics.

The main color of the Measure Beach is white.

Measure 2.png

The Hut

The Measuring Hut is home of all tools to measure electronic signals.  Using precise tools and measurements, the students are able to balance the hut on a single pole.


Empty Pod.png

The Pods

Together, the Measuring Pods provide a complete set necessary to build and debug electronic circuits.


Volta is the guy you want when you need to measure some voltage on your circuit.  Using his two arms he shows you how many volts are in between them.  Not only does he show you, but he also records it and shows you the results using cool charts.


Sometimes you just need to know the frequency of a signal.  Well, Hertz measures that frequency and reports it back to you.  That is very useful in many cases when a signal needs to meet a particular frequency.


Addy is the class President and reports to Professor Pi.  He speaks many languages and often translates information from electronic components into the language all Pods speak.



Although Ohmie is a relaxed and easygoing guy, his job is very important.  He is responsible for limiting the current that is sent to various components on a circuit board.  For example, you always find him hanging out with LEDs, transistors and timers.  Ohmie goes by one rule only, and that is the Ohm's Law.



Batteries can store large amounts of electricity and for long periods of time.  Sometimes, you only need to store a little bit of electricity, release it fast, then reload.  The master of all capacitors, Cappy has you covered.