Why NotBit?

NotBit is a two-player fantasy card game designed to teach binary concepts and computer logic. The game features different game modes ranging from simple (binary counting using bits) to complex (logic gates, magical spells, and potions). Children will learn the basics of boolean logic and work their way up to more complex games using strategy with a single 100-card deck.  Play as a family or in the classroom and have fun with your kids.

Available September 26, 2018

Why Learning With a Card Game?


The best way to learn a new skill is by being effortlessly engaged and fully immersed while doing it! Playing a card game is a relatable way to learn and memorize knowledge, and it appeals to a variety of learning styles. Imagine how much easier your child will recall coding knowledge when they can associate epic, memorable game characters with whatever they’re asked to do.


Plus, there’s no risk of too much screen time! With 100 cards, multiple ways to play, and countless combinations of binary numbers and logic gates, NotBit offers unlimited hours of immersive, fully engaged learning!

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What is Binary?

Binary is a computer code that uses only two digits: 0 and 1. All digital information is written using this code. That’s why in today’s digital world, coding is a very valuable skill. Plus, not many children are exposed to it, creating a huge competitive advantage for the ones who learn!


The Gates

Computers use basic logic operations to process information. Bits and bytes are added, subtracted and compared. Similarly, in NotBit, you will be required to compare and reduce bits and bytes to escape the castle using computer "Logic Gates" (AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR, NOT).  Not Bit contains 21 Logic Gates cards


The Potions

Each Potion card represents a single bit.  Potions are used to cast spells.  Each spell has a magic number from 0 to 255 (one byte) and can only be cast if the player has the correct potion(s) combination to unlock the spell.  There are 24 Potion cards.


The Spells

Use various spells to attack your opponent or defend your own game.  Spells include cards like, destroy gate, steal a card, toggle a bit, etc.  There are 18 spells cards.  An upcoming expansion pack will have additional spells to make the game more complex and strategic.

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The Games

There are multiple games that can be played using the 100 card NotBit deck. Additionally, you can make up your own games and rules using the same deck. We are also working on additional spells to make the game even more fun and strategic.


Potions 101 - In this game, learn the position of each bit and their respective values. Decode the value of a byte and add up your score against your opponent.

Gate Dash - You need to be the first one to reduce a byte (8-bits) or a word (16-bits) into a single bit using a set of logic gates. You need to finish your mission before your opponent does.

The Escape - You will need to escape from the castle using your potions and logic gates. Cast spells to slow down your opponent and escape the castle first. Beware, bits can be toggled at anytime.