Why the Island of PodPi?

Help your child learn to think like a Maker.

Has your child learned to code on Code.org, CodeAcademy or even Scratch?  Now it's time to go to the next level of learning using hands-on electronics and concepts with less screen time, more engaging activities and real problem solving.

The Island of PodPi is a monthly series of electronics and JavaScript coding lessons using a unique comic book format for kids ages 9 and above.  We have carefully designed and developed our curriculum with over 16 different Pod characters,  each with a unique personality and set of skills.  These characters engage your child in ways that encourage him or her to learn, think  and create.  The characters and the Island make it a unique environment  to explore and learn by reading stories, building circuits and solving  real challenges with the Pods.


Kids working and learning together in a classroom. First time exposed to JavaScript and Electronics.

PodPi is the first monthly comic book series to teach kids STEAM by featuring diverse characters, and a mixture of fun, hands-on, virtual, and interactive activities. PodPi engages elementary and middle school students – and continues to engage and enlighten them through college and beyond. Kids enjoy and remain interested in STEAM, because PodPi is fun, interactive, and novel – appealing to diverse groups in both formal (classroom) and informal (home/other) environments; and challenging them to pursue further STEAM education and eventually careers in the field.

The Island of PodPi

The Island is composed of five distinct beaches: Learn, Create, Measure, Capture and Challenge.  Throughout the adventures, the students will follow the Pods going from place to place and learn a new skill or concept.

All artifacts on the Island of PodPi have been designed to illustrate complex concepts in ways that kids understand and can relate to.  These artifacts use common materials found in everyday life like wood, sand, rocks and elements such as water, wind and fire.

There are 25 clearings on the Island, each representing a particular story and lesson.  Each month, the students will travel through the island and stop at one of these places to learn JavaScript, electronics and other skills.

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