Our Mission

To make STEAM learning fun, hands-on and meaningful through engaging comic adventures that every kid love.

STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.  We make learning skills in these fields fun and relevant.

What is The Island of PodPi?  The Island of PodPi is monthly series of electronics and coding lessons using a comic book format for kids ages 9 and above.  PodPi is a place where Pods go to learn, create, measure, capture and challenge each other.  We have carefully designed and developed over 28 different Pod characters, each with a unique personality and set of skills to teach the basics of electronics, JavaScript programming and science.  These characters are engaging your child in ways that encourage him or her to learn, think and create.  The characters and the Island make it a unique environment to explore and learn by reading stories, building circuits and solving real challenges with the Pods.  Follow along with Nicolas' video tutorials.

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