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Each Lab includes the lessons in a comic book format and all components necessary to complete the projects and challenges.

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6 months pre-paid - start with the Arduino board and Setup volume and save on the bundle.

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Every month a new module is designed and published with a series of adventures, lessons, fun facts and bundled with components to provide your child a unique experience in learning JavaScript and basic electronics.  Here are the current modules available.

Get your kids started and setup along with Captain Arghuino.  The first two modules provides 9 overview lessons using LEDs, sensors and servo motors including a couple of challenges.

Welcome to the Island of PodPi.  It is time to celebrate your arrival.  Help the Pod Peeps put on a fireworks show using your skills and your new RGB LEDs.  Solve the four challenges and celebrate.

Meet Matrix the LED juggler and learn how to make pixel art, and animations using a 64 LED matrix that you will receive as part of this module.

Learn everything about binary, integrated circuits, circuit boards and start counting in binary with the CD4029 IC.  The module includes a special board and a binary card deck.

A new module every month...

Every month, your child will receive a new volume of the adventures (includes the magazine and all components) month after month starting with Module 0, regardless when you sign up.  We also offer siblings plans at a discount so that each child receives his or her own monthly adventure.

What's in Module 0?

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