A new Coding Lab with Components

Each Lab includes the lessons in a comic book format and all components necessary to complete the projects and challenges.

Month to Month


Month to month subscription - No commitment and cancel anytime.  Get a treasure box each month

3 Months


3 months pre-paid subscription - Start with the Arduino board and Setup volume, then get a new treasure box each month. 

6 Months


6 months pre-paid subscription - start with the Arduino board and Setup volume and save on the bundle.

All orders ship the same day or the next morning after placing your order

Custom Delivery Schedules

Different delivery schedules available on request.  You can get a box every other week, every other month or all at once.  Simply send us an email after subscribing with your schedule of choice.

Each Module available independently

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When are we shipping?

All kits are prepared the day of your order and are shipped the next morning.  Monthly subscriptions are shipped on the anniversary day of the subscription.

FREE shipping on all subscriptions


Lesson Books and Patches Only


Already have an Arduino board and all the components?  Subscribe to the monthly lesson books.  Get a new edition and a custom patch each month delivered to your mailbox.

(Free US shipping, we pay the sales tax)