"I wish I had learned like this when I was a kid"

... is the most common feedback we hear.  Don't let your kids miss out on learning the real thing ...

Photo submitted by one of our customers.

Photo submitted by one of our customers.

Read Comics, Learn Coding

We reveal the magic that powers technology.  With PodPi, your kids will learn to code and build circuits through a unique experience and adventure.

PodPi is a series of monthly adventures that will teach your kids electronics and JavaScript coding by building their first simple circuits to WiFi enabled devices and the Internet of Things.  The lessons use our unique comic book format.


Critical thinking and problem solving through hands-on projects and lessons

We replaced the usual step with stories.  This format engages your child or students in solving problems, critical thinking and hands-on lessons with reduced screen time.  Our subscribers can't wait to see what happens next on the Island.  We hope you will join them too.

No "step by step" because life does not come with a step by step manual.