What's Inside the Box?

Each month, your child will receive a treasure box with a new comic book, new lessons and a set of cool electronic components.  Lessons and projects range from animated LED displays, to binary counting, to building an RGB Lamp and more.

Educational lab - month after month

Each month, your child will receive a treasure box with a new comic book, new lessons and new cool electronic components.  Each volume of the PodPi magazine highlights a new Pod character and new concept like how do LEDs work, what is binary, Ohm's Law, etc.  Each volume contains 3-6 hours of content, fun lessons and experiments.  Similar to Instructables but using a comic book series.  Want to know more?  Drop us an email at pi at podpi.com and ask us anything!

captain_arghuino_boards copy.jpg

hands-on learning

Each lesson and project provides hands-on learning with real electronics components and JavaScript coding using the Arduino board.

More fun with friends

Learn with your friends or in a classroom.  Divide the work between software and hardware.

Arduino UNO based

Start with your own Captain Arghuino board (Compatible Arduino UNO R3).  Receive your own board with the first box with additional components.  The Arduino is a popular open source 8-bit micro-controller - think of it as the brain of a robot.

real components

Learn using real components every month and build on previous projects and lessons.

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Go beyond the lessons

Most kids will go beyond the lessons and start experimenting with their own version of code and circuits.

Are you a parent with limited knowledge about electronics and programming?  Then join your kids in learning through our self paced and self learning adventure.  The lessons will take you through all the steps necessary to get your computer ready and your first lesson going.

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