PodPi is a series of adventures in learning coding and electronics for kids and adults. 

Instead of following step by step, enter the adventures with the Pods and have fun learning along.  Our fun program builds critical thinking skills, encourages collaboration and fosters curiosity.

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Coding Lab in a Treasure Box!

Monthly hands-on CODING and electronics for kids ages 9 and above

We believe children want to learn and challenge themselves

We believe there is no limit to their imagination

We believe in giving them a true foundation

While making it fun...

more than coding... It's a series of 12 adventures!

Read what this teacher has to say http://codingheroes.org/blog/2017/1/13/coding-and-literacy

More than 1,000 kits shipped and more than 400 pages of lessons created.

Choose a monthly subscription with lesson books and components or lesson books and patches only.

Single modules available as well.  Check out our store for modules and additional components.

Why PodPi?

Learn why the Island of PodPi is a great way to introduce your kids to technology and stimulate problem solving skills

What's in the box?

Find out more about what you and your kids can expect to receive month after month when you subscribe

Why a Comic Book?

Yes, PodPi is the first and only comic book series dedicated to teaching electronics, coding and STEM in general.

Have questions about our program?

Leonardo daVinci from our special edition on servo motors.

Leonardo daVinci from our special edition on servo motors.

Don't hesitate and simply send us a short note with your questions, comments or feedback and one of us will get back to you shortly.  You contact information will remain private.

From our subscribers

Here is one of our youngest subscriber after completing the first challenge.

Here is one of our youngest subscriber after completing the first challenge.

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We're currently working on volume 10 "The Lost Crystals"

Available March 2017

Available March 2017

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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
— Benjamin Franklin