Coding for Kids and Adults

PodPi is an immersive, literacy based and hands-on program to learn coding and electronics with a series of adventures.

The Island of PodPi is a series of Arduino-based kits coupled with fun comic books that will inspire your child or students to learn about electronics and JavaScript coding. The engaging lessons use our own popular comic book format for hours of learning.

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Wait… A Comic Book with Lessons?

Follow the adventures of 16 Pods (our unique characters) as they wander throughout the Island of PodPi.  Each Pod is gifted with a different skill and unique personality pertaining to an electronic component or technical concept. Learning becomes seamless for our students while reading the adventures, lessons and taking on the challenges presented.

Here is an example of Module 12 on how to control a Servo motor using a DIY infrared remote control.  The students will learn how to build the receiver circuit, the remote control, and program all components.

Typical age range is 9 to 14 year old and our design appeals to all genders.

Start with your first month and discover if your child or student is ready to learn the skills of the future. Continue or cancel at anytime.


Because there are no "step by step instructions" to innovation and creativity

Arduino Platform

Arduino is the most popular Open Source electronic platform dedicated to teaching and learning electronics and programming.  It's popularity and ease of use make it the most versatile device to get started with robotics and sensors. Your kids will love building while reading comic books.

JavaScript Coding

JavaScript (JS) is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and sought after programming languages. The majority of websites now include JS code.  JS also powers server-side applications as well as games, robots, Alexa (tm) and interacting directly with the IoT world.

Home or Classroom

Follow the adventures in learning at home with a friend, in teams in your classroom or at your local Makerspace. Working in pairs promotes collaboration and problem-solving.  Your kids and students will start sharing their projects with you as they progress and go beyond our lessons.

"I wish I had these kits when I was a kid"

... is the most common feedback we hear.  Don't let your kids miss out on learning real technology ...

After only three issues, I noticed how much my daughter had already learned. I was impressed!
— Rene D. - Folsom, CA
My son loves it so much, he keeps working in front of the computer if I don’t stop him.
— Christina Z. - Needham, MA
I received the kits and was even more pleasantly surprised by the content than I expected.
— Rob, Highton AUS

The Island of PodPi makes the News

"I personally really feel like the creators have put incredible effort into making it both visually appealing and educational."

@calebkraft Sr. Editor Make Magazine


Recently featured in NetworkWorld and Comstock Magazine

"I’m really impressed with PodPi’s concept and products so if you’re a parent looking to enrich your kids’ education or a educator looking for a foundation for your STEM program, look no further. I wish my science education had been this exciting."

Mark Gibbs - Author and Journalist @quistuipater

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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
— Benjamin Franklin