Volume 11 - To the Cloud

P1, P40 Cover and Back

P2, P3 Introduction - Short introduction story


P4, P5 Meet Misty and Dustin

P6, P7 Introduce the Capture Beach and Capture Hut

P8, P9 Finding some clues about HTTP, HTML and how to install the "http" Node.JS library


P10, P11 Make your own web server and learn about HTTP.

P12, P13What is NodeMCU and how to install the software

P14, P15 How to blink an LED with NodeMCU (hardware "Hello World!")

P16, P17 Introduction to ThingSpeak and the Dashboard.  Create the account and the key

P18, P19 SmartYields poster showing a school garden with kids and various sensors

P20, P21 The Pods are going back to the garden

P22, P23 Intro to the moisture sensor, how to wire it, download the code and connect to ThingSpeak

P24, P25 Overall Architecture overview of the IoT architecture

P26, P27 Story

P28, P29 Rain sensor (wiring and software setup)

P30, P31 Story

P32, P33 How to connect multiple sensors to NodeMCU (only has 1 ADC)

P34 The Daily Parrot - Interview with Robert Mawrey of MathWorks

P35 The Daily Parrot - Interview with Lizzy Schiller of SmartYields

P36, P37 Tasks and triggers with ThingSpeak.com

P38 Highlight similar projects

P39 Next topic - AWS