The entire PodPi team would like to thank you for your work in educating our young minds.  They are our future and you are the voice that leads them forward.

PodPi is a curriculum in a box, ready for a classroom setting, elective classes or after-school program.  By pairing students in small groups (2 or 3), each child can work on either software or hardware.  This environment promotes teamwork, collaboration, collective thinking and problem solving.  It also promotes leadership where more advanced kids are helping other students in the same classroom.

Our curriculum is currently composed of 10 distinct boxes and lessons.  Each box focuses on a specific topic and contains all the components and books necessary to learn the various topics with 3-6 hours of content.  Our student boxes include a set of 2 or 3 books.


Read about PodPi from Coding Heroes' teacher Richard Campbell.


Lesson Plans?

We are currently working on a teacher handbook to help you structure your lessons and provide additional information not in contained the lesson books.  Our lessons are designed around a story that takes the students through a series of adventures with 28 different characters.  Each character relates to a specific topic or concept to learn.  Each lesson book contains stories, lessons, facts and challenges.


Digital or Paper?

We have observed that our students learn and retain more when using our printed lesson books.  We design the lessons in order for them to to spend 1/3 of the time coding, 1/3 working on the hardware and the remaining time reading the stories, the facts and decoding the challenges.

Our curriculum will be available on the iBooks in early 2017.



Learning and working together is more effective.  All our classroom kits are designed for 2 students (1 set of components and 2 lesson books per module or box).  Each module contains 3-6 hours of content depending on the age group and how the class is structured.  Each module is priced at $39 for 2 students and includes books and components.  Contact us at pi@podpi.com for more information or if you have any questions.

Thank you for making us a part of your students' future success.

The entire PodPi team