Learning is more fun together!

Here are different types of events coming up.  Some are just a few hours and some a series of workshops.  Let's have fun and learn together!

By subscribing to our monthly modules, you will be automatically enrolled in our workshops (included in the subscription) in Elk Grove, Rocklin and Rancho Cordova.


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JumpStart your learning by attending one of our free session.  We will have a kit for you to buy and come jam with us for a couple of hours.  You can work with our mentors to get you on your way to learning.

Coming soon to Elk Grove, Rocklin and Rancho Cordova


Join us and many other makers at public events.  You may even get to meet Volta in person.

SMUD Bring Your Kid to Work 4/28

Maker Faire, San Mateo 05/20-05/22

Intel Bring Your Kids to Work 6/14


Learning with your friends is much more fun.  Join us after school for four exciting sessions and get more in depth learning from our instructors.  Bring a friend and come play!  Space is limited so sign up early to reserve your space. 


Join us for a week of learning and fun this Summer 2016.  We are still working on the schedule, and will notify you as soon as we have the dates and locations set.  I'm excited to share that we are partnering with Intellibricks.org to offer more locations and dates this Summer.  Just Click the button below and enter your email address and we will notify you once we have a completed schedule.  Thank you!